Welcome to my lab,
I’m Alberto Cisamolo, creator and owner of the mark Linea Nostra, small italian reality manufacturer of handmade and persanalised shoes.
When I was kid, in family tomaificio, I enjowed wearing the smock of my dad and had fun playing with leather, hammers and wire. I spend a lot of time to touchthe leather and smell it.
I worked for various footwear companies and I have acquired experience and professionality.
After many years to acquired the secrects master craftmen, in 2007, I opened my lab in Isola della Scala, to create and realise footwear to highest quality using exclusivelu Italian materials.
Men and women creations, unique, elegant and trendy. Foot is our second heart. Well walk and property is beneficial to whole body. We are spreadind culture of good living, wearing personally shoes that reduce the defects of our feet.
Linea Nostra, my shoes, a jewej for all days.
Come and visit my shoow room, I’ll receve you personally.