General Condition of Sale


The hides workshop “Linea Nostra” owned by Cisamolo Alberto, located in via Camagre 23 / A, 37063 Isola della Scala-VR-Italy. IVA 03873190239, owner of this website, welcomes the potential customers hoping that they appreciate the Website and the information contained therein. This site access and any use of the contained information are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale.
If customers do not agree with these General Conditions of Sale we kindly ask them to refrain from any further use of the Site. You are hereby notified that any link to the Website, the chance to download product information and making purchases , in addition to a possible communication with the customer service, means that the customer subscribed to the General Conditions of Sale, with any limitation or condition.
“Linea Nostra” has the right to change from time to time the following Conditions of Sale without any prior communication. The customer simply connecting to the site unconditionally accepts the changes and revisals of the General Conditions of Sale. We therefore recommend our customers to regularly check the current text. All information contained in this Site (texts, images, logos, drawings and videos) are protected by copyright. Therefore the customer is solely and exclusively permitted to view, copy and print the contents of the website for personal and non-commercial use. It is not allowed to edit, print, publish, reproduce or distribute the contents of this Site without written permission of “Linea Nostra”. Every single customer collaboration sent to “Linea Nostra” (through questions, comments, suggestions and so on) will not be considered as confidential. Therefore “Line Nostra” can freely use them without restriction or required fee. In addition to this “Line Nostra” reserves the right to use concepts, ideas,suggestions without obligation to recognize any compensation or payment of amount due. The site allows, through the special section, to make online purchases of the products of the brand “Line Nostra”. Every purchase is subject to the terms and conditions of sale, available in the section Conditions of Sale. The provided data will be treated in accordance with privacy law. The customer is invited to consult the appropriate Privacy section.


This website may contains spelling errors and / or inaccurate information. For this reason “Line Nostra” disclaims any liability for any loss or damage caused by or related to the site reliance or the included information.
Therefore, the customer care and evaluation is independently in charge of the published information. “Line Nostra” reserves the right to change from time to time the contents of the Site, without prior notification .


Please note that customers are entitled to consult the Web site through the specific area. Any unauthorized attempt to elude the site protections, using operating systems, as well as any unauthorized access, damage, alteration, deletion of the contained information therein, will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities and prosecuted under existing laws and international. These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law.


These Conditions of Sale discipline the sale of the products of the brand “Linea Nostra “ in our website, between the hides workshop “Linea Nostra” owned by of Cisamolo Alberto, located in via Camagre 23 / A, 37063 Isola della Scala VR-Italy. IVA 03873190239 and customers who will buy products of “Linea Nostra “ on line. The offer and sale of products turn themselves in a binding contract governed by Articles 50 et seq. of the Legislative Decree 6 November 2005, n. 206 (“Consumer Code”) and Legislative Decree April 9, 2003, # 70, which includes the laws of electronic commerce (“E-commerce Decree”), and following modifications. The General Conditions of Sale may be at any time changed and any modification will be effective upon publication. “Linea Nostra” invites the customer to regularly access the site and consult that section before making any purchase. The applicable General Conditions of Sale are effective from the date of submission of the purchase . The following Conditions of Sale are applicable in Italy.


Only adult customers (18 years) are allowed to buy the products of “Linea Nostra” , who have the capacity to operate as consumers, in other words to people who make a purchase not for business , professional, craft and trade purposes. The customer who purchases a product represents and warrants therefore of being the final consumer, accordingly avoiding to sell, trade, distribute the product itself. “Linea Nostra” ,at its discretion, can refuse such an order if it has the reason to believe that the order has been made violating these Terms of Sale. “Linea Nostra” has also the right to refuse or cancel orders that come from:

  • customers who have previously violated the terms of sale;

  • clients who have issued false, incomplete or inexact identification data;

  • clients involved in fraud of any kind;

  • customers who have or have had legal disputes with “Line Nostra”


The display of the products is not an offer but an invitation from “Linea Nostra “ to purchase the handicrafts of its line. After observing the products, and carefully reading the General Conditions of Sale, the customer can place the order online, that is the subscription of the binding contract between “Line Nostra” and the customer himself. After the creation of “My Account”, the customer can place the order by selecting the products. After placing the order and entirety filling out the electronic form, the customer will send the order. “Linea Nostra” will proceed to the usual controls, that is the accuracy and completeness of the form, the availability of the product and the regular payment, which must be exclusively made by bank or with Postpay. We do not accept any type of payment other than those indicated. Otherwise “Linea Nostra” will cancel the order. After the usual checks, “Line Nostra” will inform by mail the customer about the confirmation of the order and the payment. This reply will be sent within five working days from the date of the electronic order. The customer must specify the address for the delivery and the address has to be a private or business address. Shipment costs are free for Italy. For international shipping “Linea Nostra “ will inform the client about the possible costs for additional shipments prior to the shipment. The site offers the opportunity to communicate with “Linea Nostra” in Italian and English.


Through this site you can only buy products of “Linea Nostra” , characterized by high quality standards of Italian shoemaking craftsmanship. In accordance with Articles. 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code, each product has its “Technical File”, with the name of the product, its main features and the price. The colors of the images are as accurate as possible to the reality; however, they could be altered by the real effect of the settings of the computer systems or computers used by customers. Moreover, pictures may differ in size or in connection with any accessory products. These images are approximate.


The availability of products is constantly updated and monitored. “Linea Nostra” has the right to modify at any time the quantity of availability of the products and their type, without giving any prior notice. It could happen that many customers purchase the same product at the same time. In these cases, the product could be available for a short time, even if in reality is sold out or not immediately available. In this case “Linea Nostra” will contact the customer via email for the replenishment of the product or the necessity to cancel the order if the replenishment is not more possible. The customer has to decide within 24 hours via email:

  1. To postpone the delivery of the product, after its replenishment;
  2. To buy another product of the same value or higher amount by paying the difference;
  3. To break the contract with the repayment of the entire amount , representing the price of the product, including the shipping charges, if any, and any additional costs.

In case the payment has already been made, and the customer wants to cancel the order, “Linea Nostra” will immediately refund the total amount, no later than within 14 (fourteen ) days from the date of the client email. The amount of the refund will be communicated to the customer by mail and credited on the same way used for purchase. Any delay may depend on the bank.


Prices throughout the website are quoted in euros; for all the countries outside the euro zone, prices are quoted in the local currency and all inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). The Receipt will be included inside the shipment. If the customer needs the invoice , he must send an email to “Linea Nostra” indicating all the details for the issue. It’s not possible to ask for an invoice after the shipment. Shipment costs are free for Italy, while for all other countries, ”Linea Nostra” will charge shipping costs, after a prior mail to the customer. “Linea Nostra” suggests to the customers who wants the delivery of the products outside Italy to request such information before placing an order. If the customer has already paid for the product with a foreign destination , “Linea Nostra” will send a mail specifying the additional shipment costs. In this case, the customer must reconfirm the order and arrange the payment of the extra costs.

Linea Nostra” has the right without prior notice, at any time, to change the price of the product, in any case the price charged to the customer will remain the same shown at the time of order. If there are changes of the VAT rate, in the time between the placement of the order and the shipment by courier, “Linea Nostra” has the right to contact the client asking to reconfirm the order and provide the related payments . In case of no response, “Linea Nostra” will cancel the order. Some products may be on sale. In that case next to each product there will be the full price and the discounted price. The products on sale are not defective but end of series or stock surplus . “Linea Nostra” ensures that all prices are correct, but with the possibility of error. If there are some price errors , “Linea Nostra” will contact the client by mail asking to reconfirm the order, and if the client is not going to answer, “Linea Nostra” will cancel the order.


By placing an order on the website, the customer must correctly fill out the form, specifying not only the desired products but also his personal data, the method of payment, the address for the shipment and the possibility of receiving an invoice . After that , the customer can proceed to place the order by forwarding it to “Linea Nostra”. After placing the order the customer must pay the products. The customer will receive an email of acceptance (within five working days from the date of placing an order) and after verifying the payment and the “Tracking Number”, a code with which the customer can personally check the status of his shipment (see section Shipment Procedure)


All payments must be made exclusively by bank transfer or PayPal channel. “Linea Nostra” does not accept any other type of payment. The customer has beforehand to choose the method of payment. In the payment, the customer must specify the number of the order, with his name and surname.
The payment must be credited to the following bank:

Banca Veronese – Credito Cooperativo di Concamarise S.C.R.L :
IBAN : IT57 CO83 2259 5000 0000 0927 130

Or through PayPal card number: 4023 6006 0007 1882.


Linea Nostra” proceeds to the preparation of the item and then deliver it to the carrier. Every single footwear package will include the following items:

  • “Linea Nostra “ Shoebox;
  • “Linea Nostra” Shoes;
  • Tissue paper (optional);
  • “Linea Nostra” shoe cloth bag;
  • Receipt or invoice;
  • Plastic bag provided by the carrier;

If the customer has purchased a belt or a dresser valet or other products within the package you will find:

  • Shoebox;
  • “Linea Nostra” Belt or any other leather product wrapped by tissue paper or inside cloth bag;
  • Receipt or invoice;
  • Plastic bag provided by the carrier;

By placing an order on the website, the customer must correctly fill out the form, specifying not only the desired products but also his personal data, the method of payment, the address for the shipment and the possibility of receiving an invoice . After that , the customer can proceed to place the order by forwarding it to “Linea Nostra”. After placing the order the customer must pay the products. The customer will receive an email of acceptance (within five working days from the date of placing an order) and after verifying the payment and the “Tracking Number”, a code with which the customer can personally check the status of his shipment.

Simplifying example: if the client is placing the order in Italy, the shipment of the products will be exclusively in Italy. The orders placed outside the chosen country will be cancelled according to the Law article 1456 and the total amount will be refunded.
“Linea Nostra” is using the carrier GLS, General Logistics Systems. For orders made in Italian territory, the shipment is for free; for foreign countries, “Linea Nostra “ is going to use other carriers for shipments. Therefore “Linea Nostra” promptly contacts the customer via email stating the amount of shipment fees according the chosen carriers. After receiving the payment, “Linea Nostra” will proceed with the shipment.

Linea Nostra” will contact the customer via email by sending the “Tracking Number”. With this code, the customer has the opportunity to personally check the delivery status directly from In case of delays in delivery, the customer can directly turn to the carrier for information or complains; “Linea Nostra” is not responsible for any damages due to late delivery . Delivery dates are absolutely approximate. Delivery is fully completed when the client receives the items . The client has the responsibility to verify the conditions of the delivered product .

The client must verify the integrity of the packaging and the number of received products and turn to the carrier if there are any anomalies. This is a rule according with the application of the right of withdrawal and the legal guarantee of conformity.


Linea Nostra” is aware that not satisfied customers, can exercise the right of withdrawal according the Law article. 64 of the Consumer Code without penalty and without giving any reason, within fourteen (14) days after receiving the product. In order to exercise this right, the customer must inform “Line Nostra”, before the expiry of the term of the 14 days. For this purpose, the customer must fill out the appropriate section and resend the items to the following address: “Linea Nostra” of Cisamolo Alberto, via Camagre 23 / A, 37063 Isola della Scala-VR-Italy.
The client has to pay the costs of the redelivery shipment (except for special agreement with “Line Nostra”). “Linea Nostra” within 14 working days will refund the total amount paid for the product only after receiving the items back , respecting the terms and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal from the client, after verifying the integrity of the item, and the complete package of the material (according to the section “procedure costs”. The refund will be made within 30 days using the same payment method of the purchase and after communicating the amout via mail to the customer. If the withdrawal has not been exercised in accordance with the applicable legislation and, in particular, in the case where the product is not intact in all its parts or with all its accessories, damaged or used by the customer beyond the limit of reasonable diligence, there’s no contract dissolution, consequently, the client will not be entitled for reimbursement of the total amount.

Linea Nostra” will inform the customer within 5 working days after receiving the item, by rejecting the request for withdrawal. “Linea Nostra” is keeping the product and the customer will have to pick it up on his own expense and responsibility.

If according to the law, the right of withdrawal is not applicable, “Linea Nostra” is putting a specific direction on the product, and, in any case, before the customer is going to place the order. If there is no correspondence between the recipient of the goods specified in the order form and who has made the payment of their purchase, in case of Withdrawal, ”Linea Nostra” will reimburse who made the payment.


The purchase contract on the Site is governed by Italian law. The customers living out of Italy are an exception and they have to submit under their country relevant legislation , in particular in relation to the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal and the deadline for the return of products. Any dispute regarding the application, execution and interpretation of these Conditions of Sale is referred to the relevant legislation of the country where the customer has the residence or domicile. The customer who is resident in an EU member state other than Italy, is submitted to the European procedure established for small entity, by Regulation (EC) No. 861/2007 of 11 July 2007, only if the disputed amount does not exceed, Euro 2,000.00 excluding interest, fees and expenses. The text of the regulation is available on the website for any dispute relating to the ‘application, execution and interpretation of these Conditions of Sale’


Linea Nostra” may have some shortages of raw materials for the manufacture of its products due to acts of God . “Linea Nostra” is a hides design studio and the owner could be sick or dead . There’s others acts of God that could stop the supply of the products, the delay of the shipments for example: the failure of one or more of the laboratory equipment, the shortage of raw materials, theft, damage caused by bad weather, civil insurrections , wars exc. In any case “Line Nostra” will inform all the customers by email within seven (7) days of the occurrence thereof. If the online service is suspended for a period longer than 15 days, the customer will have the option to cancel the order and will be totally reimbursed.